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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Jul 15, 2020

Welcome to another Shot Caller Podcast where we bring you the most inspirational, innovative and ground breaking change makers we can find.

Anne-Flore Marxer embodies everything a Shot Caller could embody; adventurous, brave, passionate, curious, fierce and willing to speak up when she sees an injustice.  

In this podcast, Anne-Flore tells us how her World Class Snowboarding career took off.  We learn about one big American female influence, Tara Dakides, who was one of the only women doing amazing snowboarding tricks at the time. She explains how she decided to tackle the many inequalities within her sport including lack of sponsorship, being told she could not participate in certain runs because it was too dangerous for a woman and having to perform on bad runs at the end of the day, after the men.  These inequalities led her to parlay her early activism onto a bigger stage by creating, writing and producing the award winning short-film, A Land Shaped By Women.


Feeling fatigued by doing an entire tour as the female, snowboarding "leftovers" of the 2017 Verbier Free Ride Tour (which she won), Anne-Flore asked her good friend Aline Bock to go to Iceland for some positive, female energy. The day after the tour Anne-Flore and Aline set off for a 10 day Icelandic adventure.  She had read about the gender equality progress in Iceland and wanted to see for herself.  They met with many inspiring, Icelandic women and by the end of the trip an idea was "hatched" to take Aline's van and spend a winter riding the waves and mountains of Iceland to really understanding how they had achieved such success on gender equality.   A Land Shaped by Women is a beautifully filmed and executed inspiring adventure.  The two top athletes travel on waves and mountains exploring the land and the women that reshaped the politics and prosperity of Iceland.  Anne-Flore and Aline Bock show us, via their amazing sports prowess; surfing, snowboarding, skiing and paddle boarding their way around Iceland, just how equal they are to any adventurous man out there.  All the while, creating an awareness of a better way for society to live in balance.


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