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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Mar 11, 2022

As we celebrate International Day 2022, we are publishing our 3rd podcast in a special "Start-Up" series with the two founders of Body By Organic in the UK, that began in Dec. of 2020, in the midst of the Covid pandemic.  I love to showcase women entrepreneurs and this series is part of my committment to help increase the wealth of women around the world. In Episode 3, Antara and Archana tell us about their successfull trademark application for Body By Organic , their experience with trade shows, what surprised them about their customer interaction and how they are already kicking off a new branding strategy to prepare them to go into the retail skincare industry! ****

This 4 part series was curated to give curious listeners, viewers and followers direct insight into of what a start-up looks like from the inside.

Antara Roy and Archana Kanabar are two good friends who had completely different professional careers but decided to turn what started out as a bit of a small exercise by Antara into a proper business.

These two ladies welcomed us into their world to follow their progress from start-up to market entry then acceleration over the last 16 or so months.

Body By Organic is a cruelty-free vegan, organic and unisex skin care company. Their flagship products are the 24k Gold acne solution that teens & I love, a hair repair serum, glow facial oil, a charcoal detox mud mask, a mud cleanser (Archana's favourite product!) and more!

Watch Episodes 1 & 2 on YouTube


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