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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Jun 3, 2020

From building a very successful business in Switzerland, managing a divorce with young children as an expat, taking charge of her financial well-being, going on a journey of self-love and addressing the important topic of race on a micro and a macro level we get very REAL in this episode.

Dancoise Koechler is a strong black woman, but she will be damned if you try to give her any label that she has not already given herself.  In fact labels are superfluous to her.  We wade into the uses of both the "N" and "C" words.  While this podcast was filmed nearly at the time of George Floyd's killing and we did not specifically address his murder, we do discuss the broader topic of how she see's the world as a black & American woman.  

We hear about the beginning of The Cake Lady in Switzerland and how she ultimately had to make a big decision about her marriage so she could pursue true abundance and inner self-love. 

She also explains a bit about how she had to get very "real" with money and first, unravel her unhealthy "relationship" with money. She gives several good book recommendations.  I believe this segment alone will resonate with a lot of women!

We conclude with a very strong message from Dancoise on falling MADLY in LOVE with YOURSELF.  That may sound like a big, soft, fluffy marshmallow idea, but I happen to agree! You can also follow Dancoise on her new platform, ROAR, The Sound of My Own Voice.

"If you knew the magnificence of your true self, it would be impossible for you to hurt another being." Author Unkown

My podcast editor in Kenya, told me this was his favourite episode by far.  I love to hear from men as well as women, that they are moved by the people we have on The Shot Caller Podcast.  It is our aim to have a very diverse group of guests tell diverse stories because we are a very diverse world.  How boring if we were all the same.

Dancoise and I had a great time taping this episode and have committed to a PART II and beyond!   Thank you Sophie for suggesting Dancoise! 

Please share this episode far and wide. I believe by truly talking and hearing what the black community has to say on the challenges and opportunities of creating true equality will make us so much stronger.  If you love this episode as much as Nixon in Kenya, please tell us. We want to hear how you are inspired by our guests.  Please also reach out to them! 

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