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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Oct 1, 2021

"Humans almost never enter a period of resource deprivation. That's what led to fasting because this creates Autophagy, which cleans our cells. We need to go back to our evolutionary processes and realize that our technology has gone far beyond our body in recognizing our new environment. We need to intentionally invoke Autophagy. Whether that be through Spermidine supplementation or fasting to clean out that dead toxic matter to extend our health and lifespan."  Daniel Dietz, CEO Longevity Labs, Inc. 

Daniel Dietz, CEO of Longevity Labs US and SpermidineLife+ tells us the fascinating story of how Dr. Frank Madeo from the University of Graz discovered Spermidine's role in turning on "Autophagy" in our cells. He shares with us how Dr. Gerald Sitte and Herbert Pock then worked with Dr. Madeo to license and develop SpermidineLife+ supplementations, ALWAYS as a "science first" company.  The Headquarters for SpermidineLife is in Graz, Austria.  

This podcast will get you up to speed on what Autophagy is, why it is important in living a long AND healthy life and the various ways to support this mechanism via intermittent fasting and the breakthrough peptide supplement SpermidineLife+ that his company manufactures. 

Daniel also gives us insight to the US regulatory environment around supplements and how consumers can be a bit more savvy in understanding what to look out for in the wild world of supplements.  We get into the topics of #ketosis, #biohacking, #cellularscience, #bioavailability and more.

This podcast is for all you budding #biohackers out there who want to "upgrade" and "renew" your cells to live your BEST and longest LIFE! 

For those of you who would like to try their groundbreaking supplement, The Wealth Alchemist has a code to use: Shannon5

I absolutely LOVE this supplement and have seen my fingers nails grow hard as rock, my eyelashes become darker, my blood pressure slowly come down and even bouncier hair!  I recommend trying it for 3 months as it will take some time to build up in your system.  


Avoiding "Financial Learned Helplessness" with the Revolut Card and App!

The Wealth Alchemist, me, is a HUGE fan of the new REVOLUT JUNIOR Card!  (link to referral code) They have features like; tasks and goals that align pocket money, school accomplishments, good behaviour, etc. to earning some extra money.  Both parents can transfer money via their Revolut accounts.  Your child can have limited access to only their account to see their account balance.  I particularly love the feature that sends me a text whenever one of my boys is using their card.  It helps me to have "teachable" moments if I see spending patterns that might be unhealthy.  (lot's of $1 to $2 Itunes purchases that actually add up to a lot of money!)

Referral code here:!SEP1AR

This is a great way to start your young adult children out on the right financial path! 


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