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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Apr 12, 2023

The Shot Caller Podcast; lifting the veil off the future by sharing the stories of revolutionaries, game changers and innovators building a better tomorrow. 

"Buckle up buttercup; it's time for you to get paid."

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Danijela Schenker , co-founder of Forever Beautiful by Science, is not only a true expert on how to use the body's own resources to create healthy skin, but she is also a warm and generous person. 

Danijela started her clinic 20 years ago after having been an ICU nurse for many years.  She loved the topic of health and beauty as well as the idea of biohacking to reverse the hallmarks of aging.  Her experience as an ICU wound specialist helped her to quickly see the benefits of microneedling. Danijela is now the official microneedling trainer for Dermapen and has a thriving clinic in Zürich.  

The Wealth Alchemist is in search of holistic wealth and focuses on the 4-pillars of wealth: Financial, Time, Health & Social Wealth.  When you have healthy, glowing skin; you know you are taking care of both your internal health as well as your mental health.  They are all connected.  Danijela is both a walking advertisement for beauty, inside and out, as well as a science first expert in how best to treat the skin and body!

Who is this podcast for?

  • Anyone who wants to understand core principles around healthy skin
  • Anyone who has noticed their skin deteriorating and wants a deeper insight into how to slow or reverse some of the damage
  • Those in GenerationM! (generation Menopause)
  • Anyone of any age who is interested in microneedling
  • Those who are curious about the incredible benefits of red light therapy! (I am a huge fan!)
  • People who want to know what the absolute basic treatments and products are for healthy skin.
  • Those who want to learn more about the incredible advantages of a retinol serum
  • People who want to understand the connection between internal health and our skin health
  • Those who want to hear what her biohacking routine is! 
  • Those who want to hear what some of her "current" favourite products are;

Grab a cup of tea and join us on this fun and vital podcast for skin and overall health.

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