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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Jan 15, 2020

Your next Story Is

told by Dr. Christine Chow on the importance of role models for women in the workplace, her private investments in “impact” driven start-ups, social-responsible investing, the need for AI ethics and Donald Rumsfeld

Christine has a distinguished professional background in shareholder engagement for responsible investing which means you get a quick master lesson on some critical points when investing for sustainability and impact. Her PhD thesis on this topic was short-listed for a United Nations award in Sweden for industry relevance and academic excellence

Christine is a Member of the Court of Governors for the London School of Economics, an ICGN Board member, Director, Hermes Investment Management. She was recently named as one of the Top 30 Women in the City by Brummell Magazine in 2019.

In her private life, she is a dedicated dressage rider and competitor, which she only took up after the birth of her son!

What We Discuss

We dive into a variety of topics, including what it was like to be an Asian woman climbing the corporate ladder in the UK and she shares some disturbing anecdotes. She tells a fantastic story about how her mom, her first role model, gave her the “space to settle into me!”

Furthermore, Christine tells us about three private "impact driven" investments in start-ups she has made which will give you real world examples to learn from. (The link to the healthcare company is below). Furthermore, She gives strategies on how we can invest both for good AND profit. We vote everyday with what we choose to spend our money on.

Wrap it up with AI and BIG DATA

Christine explains what AI really means and how “data” is used and scrubbed for AI applications.  This is great insight into understanding where your personal information might be “vulnerable.”  She uses Donald Rumsfeld’s famous quote; Known Known’s,” “Known Unknown’s, “ and “Unknown, Unknown’s,"  illustrating the potential pitfalls of your data being used by devices such as Fitbit, Facebook and the popular DNA companies.

Grab your note pad and a quiet place to enjoy the lessons from Dr. Christine Chow. She will further your goal to be more financially savvy with your investments.

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