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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Oct 21, 2020

Désirée Velleuer is a successful and confident asset manager. Having launched her banking career in the Credit Suisse career start program, she went on to become a top fund manager with GAM-Global Asset Management.  As co-fund manager of the GAM Absolute Return European Fund she helped grow the assets to $3 Billion!  Ready for her next adventure, she decided she did not want to wait for another promotion from GAM and instead founded SwissRex AG with Reto Stiffler, which does fundamental research of crypto tokens and launched their Crypto Fund. They subsequently launched Crypto Consulting AG as a way to monetize their knowledge on "tokenomics" and create cash flow that would get them through the next 3 years while they built a track record with their fund.  

Their strategy is to look at the 100 biggest tokens from the over 5,000 that exist today-most of which are very ILLIQUID.  They believe very few will become big.  They look for hidden gems. They apply a liquidity filter and in the end their universe is about 50 tokens.  From there they add a valuation model.  She discusses this is further detail on the podcast.

They think the next BITCOIN move up will be driven by a few key factors; distrust in central banks, negative interest rates, inflation as well as the "halvings."  (See the podcast with Luzius Meisser to learn more about what Bitcoin Halvings are.) 

As of the end of September, Their Crypto Fund is up 147.9% YTD and 69.5% since inception (June 12th, 2018) The index they compare themselves to, CC130 Index is up 70.6% YTD and -34.7% since inception of their fund.

For the month of September, the Fund was down -9.4% vs. the CC130 Index being down -13.8%.  For any further information on this fund, please go to


Desiree is the advisor for SwissRex and Crypto Consulting AG is the fund distributor.  Anyone wanting to learn more about the SwissRex Crypto Fund should go to 

It is only open to qualified investors.  All of that being said, it is also very important to say that we are not giving anyone financial advice.  We discuss her transition from traditional asset management into the Crypto world. She explains how they filter investments in their fund and how dynamic the crypto market is.  Everyone out there should consult their investment professional before making any investments, regardless of asset class.  Crypto currencies are a new asset class and are very volatile.  

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