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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Jul 4, 2020

Your next Shot Caller story is told by Elisabeth Dewey, co-founder of Organic Mondays, a plastic free period company that delivers your organic, bespoke box of feminine products on a monthly basis.  They are a modern and ethical brand. The subscription comes as little as Euro 15.50 a month and can be cancelled at any time! They ship around the world!

The Inspiration:

Elisabeth and her co-founder Nancy are revolutionising both the sustainability & convenience of the products we, as women, will use on average 10-11,000 times in our lifetimes.  

The Inspiration came upon hearing from a midwife the shocking amount of plastic in these products.  A business idea was born and Mondays was launched.  

The Funding:

Elisabeth and Nancy understood from the beginning that they wanted to create real brand and that would require a proper amount of funding.  They went to Kickstart, a crowdfunding group in Zürich to get pitch for funding.  Elisabeth's banking background helped her to have the understanding of how to pitch this product to a male dominated VC world in terms they would understand by Highlighting the massive size of the market and how unsustainable it currently is.  Focusing on the the large sales opportunity and not the potential pitfalls was a critical part of their fundraising success.

The Planet & Sustainability

The typical menstrual pad women use, takes 450 years to compost!  Organic Mondays uses organic cotton with a Mater-Bi® barrier backsheet, which is 100% biodegradable.  If their products were littered in the street, they would take only 6-9 months to compost.  Their goal is to help women who want to make a small step towards sustainability and using natural products on and in their bodies, with convenience and price competitiveness!

The Organic Mondays Mission

Organic Mondays is part of the 1% For The Planet effort where they donate 1% of REVENUES, not profit, to environmental and social causes.  They are a tremendous example of how businesses, even start-ups, can thrive with both purpose and profit!

Enjoy this podcast and support this innovative, female founded company! Share with your daughters as well.



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