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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Mar 2, 2022

Eszter Tanczos Olver & Trudi Haemmerli have backgrounds steeped in entrepreneurship, academia, big pharma and angel investing.  Both women are part of SNGLR, a venture capital fund investing in exponential tech, focusing particularly on longevity, smart mobility and smart cities. In this episode, Eszter and Trudi explain how they got into business angel investing, the importance of networking-especially as a woman, what they think are some of the most disruptive opportunities in the future and how the both VR and the Metaverse will help people improve precision healthcare and recovery! Eszter talks about how European VC has actually outperformed American VC in every time period over the last two decades! Wow, even I did not know that! We talk about the importance of increased funding for women's health, femtech and agetech! 

We have a brief discussion about MRNA technology as well, given Trudi's deep background in the pharma industry.


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