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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Nov 12, 2021

Henrik Lund, CEO of Naturli- tells us how Naturli is not just a plant-based food producer; they are a MOVEMENT, that also happens to produce and sell plant-based food products.

Naturli was founded in 1988 and for quite a few years, their products were only to be found in the specialty allergy section in a remote corner of Danish grocery stores. The Dragsbeak firm, a Danish firm around since the 1920's, saw an opportunity to expand their product range with Naturli and invested in the company.  Eventually they bought them out and developed a great partnership.

Henrik regales us with several stories on creativity, innovation and building community as accelerants to their success story.

They created the first private Naturli "chillers" in the grocery stores in Denmark to showcase their plant-based milk products- "creating envy" amongst the other grocery chains who were not yet carrying the "Naturli chillers" in their stores.  

Naturli embraced the plant-based community to get feedback on what was the most important future products they wanted.

Naturli and Henrik have taken a positive, humorous and often ingenious approach to building their brand and staying ahead of the pack. Naturli is now a fast growing "global" firm, with a firm fan following in the UK, especially at Sainsbury's, in Coop Switzerland, recently in the Ukraine, Scandinavia of course, Europe, Australia via Woolworth's and now the US!

Naturli has teamed up with other plant based food makers such as OATLY to fight the non-sensical proposed EU Legislation to restrict plant based food companies from using terms such as "creamy," "veggie burger," "butter and cheese substitute," and more. 

Given the HUGE impact that animal farming has on climate change, the preaching from the EU to slow the warming of the plane, this was a massive hypocrisy by the EU, showing their spinelessness to the EU Dairy lobby, that fortunately failed.  

This podcast is a great "case study" for anyone out there looking to build a consumer food company, understand inclusive leadership and embrace change.  Henrik is so positive, reflective and a great inspiration for how to connect with consumers in a meaningful way.  Follow Henrik and Naturli via their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.  Please also ask your local grocery store to carry their products, if they don't already!  They are fantastic.


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