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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Oct 18, 2022

If you consider your health to be part of your wealth or your "wellth," this is the podcast for you.

Dr. Mike Belkowski, founder of Biolight, discusses the "insane" benefits of red light therapy.  It really is not an overstatement!  Once you start to understand how important light is to our body's natural circadian rhythm, it starts to make a lot of sense.  In fact, I was quite suspicious when I read, years ago, how important sleep is to fat loss. I thought that sounded ridiculous.

However, scientific research after scientific research continues to point to the importance of maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm. There are a series of important events, like domino's in our body.  When we forsake one or more of these, the system gets off balance.

Mike trained as a physical therapist and made an early pivot when he went into a private, cash based business. He found that the major insurance companies would not pay for some of the alternative therapies he was using and were really effective; such as dry needling.  He did not want to be beholden to an "old" school medical ideology. 

I make it my mission to seek out and interview these types of revolutionaries, game changers and disruptors.  

It is of paramount importance to me that you are given the most up-to-date data on anything that will improve the quality and length of your life.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • How lightbulbs are circadian wreckers
  • The benefits of morning sunlight- with peer reviewed research!
  • The difference between Red Light and Nir Infrared Light
  • Mitochondrial disease and how red light helps repair the cells
  • Why sunglasses might be bad for your health!
  • The gut/brain axis and how treating your gut with red light has the side benefit of improving brain function!
  • An overview of some of the biggest health benefits of red light therapy:
    • Women's Health
    • Sleep
    • Gut & Brain health
    • Oral health
    • Fat/Weight Loss
    • Inflammation
    • Pain
    • Skin- anti-aging!  hell to the yes!
    • Pet Health! (Biolight is launching a pet friendly red light therapy mat!)
    • Significantly more

This was both a fun and informative podcast that I really think will pay "dividends" to you and your health.

Biolight has an entire page on its website dedicated to red light therapy research on key areas of the body.  Check it out here

Mike also has his own podcast, The Red Light Report, where he goes into detail on everything red light and our health!  Also a must listen! 

The bottom line is that red light therapy is a pretty inexpensive (when you amortize the years of use and the reduction in health issues), convenient and non-invasive way to take charge of your own health and healing.  

At the end of the day, our health is our issue.  We should do all we can to make sure this one body is treated well and it will in turn, treat us well.

#holisticwealth is the way to live!

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