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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Aug 10, 2022

Hello Shot Callers and everyone else listening.

Today's podcast is actually a Solocast!  I take you on a slightly "random walk" from relaying some science around NOT always having a plan B, meandering into Stoic & Epicurean philosophy; unravelling the quote that nations start STOIC and die EPICUREAN(with context of course), continue on with the backstory of Nick Hanauer and his pitchfork/middle out economics theory; strongly advocating for a thriving middle class and END on my passionate new private membership: THE WEALTH PACK!

This is only 30 minutes long and will give you both a nice historical brief on topics that are of VITAL importance to those nations-especially America- who value democracy and economic prosperity.  This isn't rhetoric, this is economics.

Any thriving, successful nation since the beginning has had one critical element; A STRONG MIDDLE CLASS!  Ignore this at your peril.

How many extra haircuts can a billionaire get? How many more meals can a billionaire eat?  How many refridgerators are billionaires buying? 

Quote from Nick Hanauer, "The US made plutocrats, not the other way around.  A thriving middle class is the source of prosperity in capitalistic economies NOT a consequence of it." 

Nick's Ted Talk can be found here.

His Pitchfork Economics podcast here.

How backup plans can harm goal pursuit: The unexpected downside of being prepared for failure.



Will Durant quote

Thank you for listening to this podcast.  It is my singular goal to exponentially increase female financial wealth and thus improve the well-being of the planet.  I WANT MORE FEMALE PLUTOCRATS! (around the world) 

Plutocrat: a person whose power derives from their wealth.

What is the Wealth Pack and why should you join?

The Wealth Pack wants women to thrive in all aspects of their life and recognizes that we can't focus on all the big buckets of life in a vacuum. 

Strong mental health is necessary to tackle the other issues of your life.  Strong financial health helps you to stick to your values and live your dreams.  Strong physical help allows you to participate in an active life.  Strong planetary health means we all thrive! 

I am building a platform & community that will help you thrive;  It is a dynamic source for financial literacy & news as well as a support system for redefining and building wealth; inclusive of mental, physical and planetary well-being. Mind, body, wallet and planet are the top priorities.

My goal is to reach 50,000 women in the next year. It is radical and it is achievable.  I believe that what I am building will be revolutionary for women but also for the world.  I believe we can find a more harmonious middle way.  But, we need more women PLUTOCRATS! 

We need you to not just build wealth but to utilize your existing wealth in a way that will actually ensure our legacy is able to be enjoyed by our loved ones.


Please rate and leave me feedback.  It is so important that I serve you well in building a wealthy life! You might also impact someone else's wealthy life if you share this podcast with them; especially a mother, daughter, sister, friend, neighbour....

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