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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Aug 26, 2020

Episode 2 of 2:

In the second part of this podcast, we hear more about how Seven dealt with the dark hole of depression, investments in their health being one of the most important things they could do for themselves and emerging with renewed vigor of liberation from a former life that did not serve them any longer.

Seven tells us how they set themselves an annual challenge to do something terrifying.  One of those challenges was taking a stand up comedy course, culminating with performing at the famed Comedy Store in Los Angeles.  This led to some serendipity in being introduced by another performer to River Gallo, an intersex filmmaker and actor.  River and Seven found a common bond and are both advocates of increasing the opportunities in Hollywood for intersex people.  Seven has become an executive producer on River's short film Ponyboi.

‘Ponyboi’ is the world’s first narrative film to be created by and starring out intersex artist in cinema history. The film was run at 40 film festivals, including Tribeca Film Festival and won Grand Jury Prize of Best Short Film. it was named by Forbes as "One of 5 short films not to be missed."

Seven also helped to get Stephen Fry and ultimately Emma Thompson on board as producers of the short film!  If you are interested to hear more about their fundraising efforts to get the short film turned into a feature film, contact Seven at

Seven is currently writing their memoirs.  You can get a teaser by reading "The Alchemy of Authenticity: Turning Your Shit Into Gold."  

Seven spends a tremendous amount of time as an activist, supporting the intersex community and advocating against performing surgeries on young, intersex children.  Seven highly recommends watching the Netflix documentary film "American Circumcision."  As a society, Seven wants people to think long and hard about why we are circumcising these young, baby boys.  

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