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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Oct 13, 2021

"There is a term sometimes used called 'toxic positivity.'  For sure our thoughts have power and ultimately we want to see the glass as 'half-full,' but absolutely, not at the expense of suppressing emotion."  Sylvia Beasley-Suffolk, Founder Shine True

In this very special episode, Sylvia explains the very significant impact our thoughts have on every aspect of our life.  Our thoughts can of course serve us or make us miserable.

Sylvia uses my Oktoberfest story, where I unravelled over not finding my dirndl hours before the event and how that brought up surprisingly strong emotions for me around not feeling confident and comfortable in my own body. 

She explains the concept of the energy body and its components; mental, emotional & physical body.  It holds our subconscious beliefs as well as our suppressed emotions.  So many of our core beliefs, learned in childhood, we may not even be aware of.

Beyond explaining why we live in these vicious circles, she gives us the tools to break-out of this unhealthy cycle and get back into the emotional "driver's seat," to live a more balanced and happier life.  

Humans are absolutely wired to AVOID pain and seek pleasure.  We are far more driven by "loss aversion" than the prospect of gain.  These "dinosaur" brain reactions can inform how we both see and react to our environment.  Sylvia explains what an "amygdala hijack" is and how to recognize when this is happening. 

Science continues to uncover just how connected our physical health is to our emotional state.  Not addressing our emotional pain can be at our personal physical peril.  There can be no "wealthy warriors" without both physical and mental well-being.   Health is an unremovable piece of living a wealthy life.  For this reason, I have asked Sylvia to do this podcast along with a lovely meditation at the end. 

Her meditation is to help get you "grounded" and return to a more balanced state of mind.

I truly hope you bookmark this podcast and come back to it whenever you are feeling untethered or ungrounded. 

Let Sylvia know if this podcast resonated and helped you.  


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