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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Sep 23, 2020

Nadera is a practicing psychologist who works with mothers by providing them support in their personal and professional lives.  Nadera launched "Sassy Momz" coaching in 2019, where her mission is to help women "rediscover their self-worth to become BOLD, SEXY & FREE! She takes mothers through her proprietary approach to equip them to handle challenges, nurture self-love and organize their personal and professional lives.  She helps them rediscover their self-worth, so they can foster healthy relationships!

It was during Nadera's second pregnancy, many years after having her first child when she was fairly young, that she realized something was not quite right.  She felt constant pain and could not get the medical community to take her seriously.  The immense pain and discomfort led her to feel "guilt and shame" for not enjoying her pregnancy.  This led down a path towards a sort of depression.  We discuss this journey and how she used her own personal experience as "confidence fuel" to reach out to other mothers who may also have felt isolated, scared and not beautiful during their transition to motherhood.

After rediscovering herself and understanding how change can facilitate growth, she decided to found her own coaching school called "Sassy Momz!"  She wants to help other women find their inner goddess and live bold, sexy and free!  Nadera and her Sassy Momz network are great examples of what Shot Caller and our echosystem stand for.  We are not in control external forces that can sometimes throw us off course. However, we our in control of how we respond to them.  The bravest thing we can do is to ask for help and support to get back to our authentic selves.  Grab a cup of tea and come listen to this beautiful woman tell her story of hope and how she plans to help moms get their SEXY back!

In this podcast, we talk "raising boys," finding what makes us feel sexy, making sure our PJ's aren't always frumpy, accountability for our actions and much more!

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