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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Feb 13, 2022

Cindy Stibbard, CEO of Divorce Redefined, is a professionally guided divorce and career transition coach; advocating for a BETTER divorce and BRIGHTER new future.  |Podcast sponsored by Pause Well Aging| Cindy, like many successful entrepreneurs, started her business out of a void.  Having struggled through her divorce on many different levels, Cindy decided to start a business that could help with pre-, during and post-divorce support, for the benefit of the entire family. Cindy discusses the four key segments where divorce will impact you; financially, legally, socially and emotionally.

She also emphasizes that she is not pro-divorce but rather an advocate for healthy relationships. She helps people get "unstuck" when she recognizes behaviours that are not serving her clients.  

From The Shot Caller and The Wealth Alchemist perspectives, one of the biggest areas of vulnerabilities that shows up time and time again is the financial piece.  

She knows this piece well because it happened to her.  It is an important part of our discussion; helping woman to be less vulnerable in marriage often means educating them on financial and investment topics.  

Cindy works with mostly women, but men are approximately 25% of her client base and she hopes that continues to increase.  While divorce is not gender specific, nor is Cindy's professional support, it is very common for her to find women who are the most vulnerable.  90% of her female clients come to her without any bank account in their own name! 

Gray Divorce is on the rise.  While studies show that the average age of divorce in the US is 30, the rate of people divorcing over 50 has doubled since 1990. (A report by Business Insider found)

Additionally, the LA Times did an article that said divorce over 50 is truly financially devestating, especially for women, whose standard of living drops on average by 45%.  For men, it is a drop of around 21% after divorce over 50.

Clearly, helping people to navigate these potential landmines and ideally avoid them, especially for women, is a smart thing to do.

I believe this podcast will resonate for a wide range of people.  Ultimately, both Cindy and I want to see more women empowered and in less vulnerable positions.

Our podcast sponsor, Pause Well-Aging, is specifically addressing the big challenges women face during peri-menopause and menopause from a skincare perspective.  From their Collagen Boosting Moisturizer-I am a raving fan, to their fascia stimulating tool and their Cooling Mist spray for HOT FLASHES, Rochelle and team are making sure women in their 50's have skincare suited to their skin! 

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Cindy is also kicking off a special series with VoiceAmerica called- “Divorce ReDefined: Changing the Experience of Divorce”

On March 16th, yours truly, The Wealth Alchemist-Shannon Sagawe, will be a guest! 


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