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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

May 3, 2022

My guest, Ilana Jankowitz is the founder and CEO of Mindful Money Coaching.  She is from South Africa, but now based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Ilana has counselled a wide variety of women who have emotionally to fill that hole with endorphins; from shopping to plastic surgery to even drug addiction.  Once you peel back the layers of behaviour, what you are often left with is an unresolved trauma.  This is where you start to heal.

This podcast with Ilana Jankowitz addresses the why and how to fix our relationship with money; if it isn't serving us.

Where do we get our money patterns and beliefs from?

  • Do you mirror how your parent(s) handled money?
  • How can you identify your limiting beliefs around money, release past trauma and create a positive energy around money?  
  • Do your beliefs around money spill over into your personal relationships? 
  • Is it time to shed these old beliefs and live without shame & guilt to thrive?

Equal parts practical information and behavioural science insight; this is a short, punchy and transformative podcast for anyone wanting to change their relationship with all aspects of money!

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