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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Feb 10, 2021

Monica Talbert, her sister and her mom seemed to have blasted onto the plant based seafood scene from out of nowhere last year.   In reality, this triumphant trio from Virginia had in fact been running a very successful Crab Shack, Restaurant and supplying a variety of grocery store chains with their amazing seafood recipes for over 10 years!

As the Van Cleve Seafood Company began to grow rapidly, they needed to source seafood beyond the Chesapeake Bay.  Monica, who was in charge of the business and operations, made a trip to Indonesia to look at new suppliers.  It quickly became apparent that the seafood industry and their global supply chain, were hiding some pretty unhealthy and sometimes inhumane practices.  It was on this trip that a seed was planted in Monica to see if she could be an agent of positive change.

Meanwhile Monica's mom, Shelly Van Cleve, had been busy doing what she does best; creating "mind blowing" seafood recipes.  This time, she had created a plant based crab-cake that they were having fun with and fooling some of their customers with taste tests.  At the last minute, they threw it into a new product line called Wild, Skinny, Clean and the next day, they were inundated  with calls from around the world.  That was the moment, they realized this was how they could be a positive force for change.

The Plant Based Seafood Co was born in May of 2020, their first product was ready in August 2020.  By September they had won a Spirit of Innovation "Most Innovative" new product.  They followed this up by winning Peta's Libby award for the best "vegan based meat!"  To top off 2020, their "Mind Blown Coconut Shrimp" was featured on Tab & Chance's UBER popular Instagram channel!

I LOVE this interview and their story!  I believe there is something in here for everyone!  Please consider sharing with your teen children as this is the sort of story that will also inspire them as they head out into this big world!

Those of you listening from the US will be able to order their Mind BLOWN plant based products now.  Those of us in Europe and beyond will have to wait a bit longer!  But, Shannon and the Shot Caller Podcast will do all we can to help get their products to the European continent! 

Her best investment for under $100 dollars is an AIR FRYER! This is a big conversation amongst me and my friends on a daily basis!  So, check it out:)

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