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Shot Caller: A Podcast by Shannon Sagawe

Aug 18, 2021

Grace Glass & James Mount created the Natural Paint Co. with an uncompromising purpose to integrate sustainability, nature and quality into their paints. Starting with a 20,000 NZD loan they have been growing 50% yoy and were profitable in their first year.

The Natural Paint Co., based in New Zealand, is part of the wave of disruption hitting old, pollutive and unreflective industries. Their paints come from plants, are VOC free and for every 1 sqm of area you paint or oil with their products, Natural Paint Co saves 1 sqm of Amazonian rainforest through a rainforest trust. This means for every 10-litre pail you buy, you will be directly saving around 8 car parking spaces of precious forest from deforestation.

Grace was a practicing nurse and James had been working in the paint industry.  Together, these two millennials decided to build a company with quality, beauty and nature at the core of it all.  

One look at their Instagram page and you will see just how beautiful their colours and washes are.  They have created a community who share pictures of all their products put to good use; wooden toys, luxury AirBNB homes, interior and exterior oils, inspiring home design and more.  Is is worth noting that they offer a 25 year paint performance guarantee, the paint is washable and has exceptional coverage rates!  They have sythnesized the choice down to 100 colours, to avoid decision paralysis.

Hear how they bootstrapped their way to profitability, used crowd funding to raise capital, product awareness and build a tribe of fans!  We hear about two innovative financial companies; the Snowball Effect & Sharesies as well.

Grace and James are fans of self-love in the entrepreneur's journey, love personal development books and floating, support each other and are simply a great example of how two people can really make a difference.


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